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Letters and Emails from Our Customers

Georgia M

Mon, May 18, 6:34 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
Hi Jon, place looks great!  Thank you, Georgia

Staci M

May 14, 2020, 6:17 PM (15 hours ago)
to me
These guys did a fantastic job today! They worked so hard all day.  I am very happy and appreciative!  Should I not bother you with planting the vincas?  I know I owe you the difference plus the charge for planting the euonymus.  Thank you

Bruce A

8:28 AM (11 minutes ago)
to me
It is a pleasure doing business with you.

I recommend you without hesitation whenever a friend asked me who cuts my lawn.

I appreciate the way you always get back to me with a detailed and timely response.

I hope your business thrives for many years to come.

Have a safe day.

Karen Burns

12:28 PM (41 minutes ago)
to me
Just wanted to let you know that they did a great job yesterday!  Everything looks fantastic. Thanks so much😀

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   I just wanted to pass along that of all the crews that have come to my house of the years, the team that came out in the fall has by far been the best! However, Nick was great to communicate with and they did a solid job. Just wanted you to know.

 Thanks for fitting me in.

 Stay safe!

Gregory K

Thu, May 7, 6:28 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
Hi Jon,

I submitted the remaining balance on the contract. Everything looked great, and I'm very pleased with the new wall as well! Thanks again for the great work.


Hi Jon, 
I’ll get payment out today.
Also,  wanted you to know how pleased we are with the improvements.  Nick and guys did a great job.  Nick was professional and communicated  with us to ensure we were happy with the results.  
Thanks again,
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My house is going on the market this weekend and the property looks great!  I just want to thank you and your crew for your good work.
Of course I want you to continue with the arrangement we have because “on the market” is a far cry from SOLD!
Mary Lou A.

9:57 AM (17 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Jon;  The yard looks great, thanks for all your team does to help us.  I just made a payment but didn’t have the invoice, I’ll look for it this weekend. 

Thanks, Susie 

2:11 PM (1 hour ago)

Thank you Jon.

Your crew did an amazing work. We were very impressed. Please say “thank you” from us.


8:40 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Jon, the yard looks WONDERFUL!  Thank you for the excellent job.  I see that you were intending to send the “final” invoice but I could figure the balance and send you a check ????  You are definitely my go to landscaper and I would definitely recommend you to any of my neighbors.  I bring my other two Labradors home Wednesday.  I hope the grass is sturdy enough to endure all the added doggie feet.  Otherwise, I’ll have to fit them with “booties”.  I had a friend over yesterday and the comment upon looking out back was, “You have grass!”  Yes, it’s beautiful.  Thank you. I was fortunate to locate your business.


Lakshmi Gopalaiah
 3 days ago
We had Big T crew come out weed, trim and mulch our lawn this spring. Jon answered all my questions patiently prior to the job. Crew did a great job in a timely manner and was easy to work with!

Hey Jon, your guys did a great job as usual.  Thank you!  Yard looks great!


Can you tell me what my account number is?  Looks like I need to register in order to pay on line…


Thanks  Mark

Tue, Apr 30, 7:31 PM (11 hours ago)
to me
Hi Jon,

I wanted to let you know that your crew did a great job! They were friendly, attentive, and professional. I was very impressed by the quality of the job they performed. I made the final payment this evening. Thanks.

Mon, Apr 29, 12:20 PM (2 days ago)
to me
Thanks Jon! /the yard looks fantastic!!! Are you going to send me an invoice? 

I really appreciate you getting your guys here today when I was home. Really, that was very nice. Thank you. They did a perfect job, very happy. I’ll wait for an invoice?  

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Jun 25 (1 day ago)
to me
Hi Jon, as usual, your crew did a great job.  Thanks!

8:53 PM (15 hours ago)
to me
Thanks for the great service. I paid my invoice online by credit card. 

Michele M.

Sent from my iPad

Jun 6 (4 days ago)
to me

Hi Jon,

                Your crew did a great job.  We are very pleased.  I made the payment for the balance of the contract today.




I wanted to thank you guys for doing such an excellent job on our spring cleanup, as usual and thanks for doing it so soon despite the busy schedule. I wanted to ask if we should wait for an invoice for the balance by mail?
Many thanks
Jeremy C

May 26 (3 days ago)
to me
I just sent payment using the web form. Everything looks great. They guys did a very nice job today.
Thank you,

to me
We really appreciate you coming and getting the extra mulch this evening! That was a huge surprise to see it gone when we came home!!! You and your guys definitely go the extra mile for your customers!! 
That was very thoughtful:)

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Hi Jon,
The yard really looks amazing, your guys did such a great job!  


Apr 30 (2 days ago)
to me


We had so many compliments on our lawn and beds after your guys finished working at our house. They did a great job! Thanks and I’m putting the payment in the mail tomorrow.



Hi..I just wrote a check and will mail it today.

We are very pleased with our looks on the front yard. Your crew did a fantastic job!

Our community sometimes asks for the names of companies or recommends.  Ok if I recommend your company ?

Thanks again.

Holly M.

PS I also took a pic of the front yard. Will send it to you.

The crew did a great job on a cold, windy day.  Hope to use  your services next year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hank M

Hi Jon,

Your crew did a great clean-up job.  I was very impressed they left the new hibiscus buds "untouched", among other things. 

I thought you might like this article on thistle: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Thistles

Patricia H

Good afternoon.  I was away on vacation and just came home.  I was surprised to see the yard work being done earlier than planned.   You all did a fabulous job and I am pleased with it.   

Many thanks again ! 


Hi Jon,

would I be able to pay this invoice online? Or do you prefer a check?  Either way is fine with me.

Also, I also just wanted to mention that I'm extremely happy with the quality of the job, as well as the timeliness in which it was done!  I would be more than happy to write a review if you'd like.

Thank you,

Hi Jon,

I mailed out check today. Thanks for the service. Your guys did a great job. I'll get in touch later in the summer for planting around the pool. 


Shahzad U

Hi Jon,

I meant to send you an email yesterday.

The fire pit is awesome! You guys did a great job!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Steve D.

The team you sent out here yesterday to do my lawn did a wonderful job! The beds look great! 

Thanks so much,

Amazing Job!

Thank you to you and the crew for coming today and beautifying our landscape.

Donna B


Thank you for scheduling us yesterday for the leaf cleanup -- we appreciate it very much.  Your men did a great job!  I will put the payment in the mail to you today.

Valarie L


I just wanted you to know what a wonderful and thorough job your crew did on my yard earlier this week!

Thank you!
Margi L

Sent from my iPhone

Hi Jon.
Thanks to you and your landscapers for the job you did on my yard on Oct. 20.  We left home about 8:45 that morning and did not return until after sunset so we didn't see the work in progress.  But we could tell, even in the dark, how great our property looked and I was really pleased to see the next day that the cleanup was so thorough.  Perfect.
Thanks again.

Hi John,
I just wanted to let you know that we have loved having your company take care of our lawn this year!  It's been seamlessly easy.  The lawn always looks great.  And it was awesome being able to play outside with our dog this summer without worrying about her eating big clumps of cut grass.  We would love to have you continuing doing our lawn next year.  Also, we have new neighbors 2 doors down and would be happy to recommend you to them.

Please let me know when you usually stop mowing for the year and when approximately you start back up in the spring.

Much thanks,
Izzy B

Hi Jon! Thank you so much! The yard looks fabulous!  I'll go to the payment center in the morning and pay the balance. Have a great weekend!

Sent from Carol

Great job. Thanks to your guys and you. I'll go on and pay the balance. So I can call you for spring mulching and planting?

Sent from my iPhone

Hi Jon,

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very pleased with the job done by your company. We will let you know in advance when we need the last clean up done.

I would also like to do a spring clean up with mulching of the beds, there are however some small trees and shrubs I would like removed, which I think I will need to show you, but we can discuss that later.




Your guys did a phenomenal job!

Thank you very much ... I will definitely remember you for future work. 

Best Regards,

Ed M

Sent from my phone. Please pardon any typos.

Great job! I'm so happy and I went to the site and paid the balance.

How often do I need to water the flowers? - they are beautiful! 

Thanks again,


Good morning Jon,
The crew were here on time on Tuesday. They did a terrific job! I will
mail a check to you tomorrow. 

Sent from my iPhone

Hi Jon,

                Your crew did a wonderful job.  We are very pleased with the work.  I have paid the balance of the estimate ($1,103.90) on your website.  Thank you.


Hi Jon,

The yard looks great!  Your guys did a super job.  Thanks so much.  

I want to ask you about weeding.  How do you handle that?  Would you put me on a regular schedule, like every other week, or do I just call when I think it needs it?

Thanks again,



Your crew came out today and did an outstanding job.  We were very pleased with the landscape services performed.  I appreciated your employee making suggestions that ultimately made a huge difference in the curb appeal of our home.

We look forward to using Big T Landscaping again.

Donna B

Dear Jon,

Wow, what a wonderful job you guys have done today. This is as good as its ever looked and I know that it is backbreaking work from previous occasions of doing it myself (without the professional results). It used to take me several days also. The attention to detail with the edging and trimming is also impressive and I’m glad to see that they’ve edged out beyond a condensate drain pipe that was previously a risk for contact when cutting the grass, so that problem is resolved. Really great job with a very fair price for what has been done. We will keep up with the Preen every few months (or however you recommend) in an effort to keep things looking good during the year. Your guys were here this morning before we left for work and my wife said they were still here when she returned about 6pm.


I assume you will invoice us shortly.


Many, many thanks again!

Jeremy C

Great job by your crew today! They even spread preen down for me. Thank you!!

Hi Jon,

We had a mess after the storm on Wed, esp one very large tree branch in the back that damaged our deck.  
While the electricity was out, my husband and I decided to go out to get a bite to eat, while lamenting the mess in our yard.

Apparently your crew came by to do their weekly weeding while we were out.  They were just pulling out as we were pulling in.  My husband jumped out of the truck and asked if they could do something about that massive tree limb.  They had already taken care of it!!  You can't imagine our happy faces. We were ever so relieved and grateful, esp my husband who was fretting about how he was going to manage it.  Everything was cleaned up in back and front where we also had debris. Please tell your guys many thanks.  

Hope you got through it OK.  Thanks again.

I have paid the invoice on line.

I would like to have your company continue to mow through October.  I am very pleased with your services.  
Thank you!

Bea D


The front of our home looks so nice and neat!  Thank you for fitting us in. I will send whatever referrals I can your way!!

Stephanie W.

Sent from my iPhone


Your guys are amazing! I couldn’t believe my eyes when they pulled up Friday evening, and they finished JUST before the rain. Perfect timing! I’ll be back to you later today re-the estimate.

Thanks again.


Hi Jon,

I hope all is well.

It looks like Garden Walk house is finally going to be sold.  We have settlement scheduled for December 18th.

I wanted to thank you for all the years of great service you have provided us.  I added $300.00 to the last invoice payment as a small token of our appreciation for your crew and you.

I wished continued success and good health.

Hello Jon,

                We wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the crew and job they did on our small infill and sod job last week. They were very thorough and clean and even hand-picked most of the hedge trimmings out from under the bushes.
               The billing document is very professionally done, and even includes a window envelope with our return address pre-printed on the return stub!
               Best of luck for the Fall and Winter seasons! We will contact you in March re. the Spring cleanup work.

Hi Jon,

It was nice to meet you today! The crew did a FANTASTIC job!
Everything looks great and they worked so efficiently. We are so happy
with the work.

I noticed there was a place to pay with credit card on your website.
Is it okay to do that?

Thanks a lot!


Jon,  It was already dark when I got home tonight but, I could see from my headlights that your crew did as great a job in the rear as they did in the front.  Paying the balance will be more than a pleasure considering all the work I did last year, all the way into spring, getting the leaves I left in the beds over winter.  We'll be able to concentrate on other landscaping this spring. 

Thanks a lot and we'll keep you in mind for other landscaping needs and next Fall. 



7:11 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
Hi Jon - just wanted to say that I think your crew is AWESOME!!  They are so hard working and they are so nice and they are doing a beautiful job.

I am so glad that I have established a relationship with your company as I am nothing but 100% pleased!!

Thank you and thank you to your hard working men!!

Jon. Yard looks great. LOVE the decision on the pool equipment shrubs. Everything looks amazing. Even after the tidal wave of rain tonight. The drain seems to have stood the test. I walked out a few times and it was like a Chesapeake bay drainage grate how fast the water was flowing.

Also Courtney called me a few times today to comment on how professional the team was, and how often she saw you personally outside over seeing things.

Very happy we made this connection. Looking forward to future business.


Hi Jon,
I was still at home when your crew had started working - working VERY hard.
They were very cordial. Even though they had not finished when I left, the improvement 
was substantial. Thank you.

SubjectThank You

 Hi Jon,

Thank you for the excellent  service.  Your crew arrived early in the morning, worked efficiently and did a great job.  I plan to use them next year.


              I want to thank and your staff for doing a great job on our lawn.   Folks were working on it a from sun up to sun down.   I really appreciate the quality workmanship and am looking forward to the next project with your company.   I will definitely recommend Big T Lawn and Landscaping to everyone I know.   Thanks again.
  Jim D.

SubjectRe: Mulch Quote

   I just had to send a short THANK YOU!  Your guys did a GREAT JOB.  We have used other Landscapers before, and honestly, I was hoping your service would be better.  It was so much more than I expected, that I cannot adequately describe the difference. The 'other guys' left a huge mess. when edging they flipped the old grass over and covered it with mulch, ran their wheelbarrows over the brick edging and screwed it all up, etc.  No a pretty picture! 
   Your folks were the exact Opposite!  They were energetic, left NO mess (even in the street), worked all day with only a lunch break, trimmed everything, cleaned out leaves under shrubs that I have never gotten to, cleaned up and blew off all the areas around the house, and generally did a Fantastic job.  When we need any landscaping work done, you will be the only call we make
Thanks again for a great job.
 Ed M. 

8:23 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
Good Morning,

The crew came on Saturday morning. Fantastic job! I was fairly reluctant to hire a service to take care of the yard, but I'm already very glad that I did.



Hi Jon,

Your crew did an excellent job yesterday and we are so pleased with their work.  They cleaned up and left quietly without us getting a chance to thank each one of them for their hard work.  Please extend a thank you to each of them for us.  I am sending a check for the balance due ($750.00).



Hi Jon - your crew came the other day and did a fantastic job!! I was very impressed with how hard they worked. Will you be sending an invoice for the balance by mail or e-mail or what?
Again thank you and your crew for doing such a great job!!

Carol G
Columbia, MD  21044

Hi Jon,
Thank you.  Your guys did a fantastic job.  Will pay balance online this evening.  Will call when maintenance is needed.
Best regards,

Sent from my iPhone

Good morning, Jon:

Thanks for the info on the lirope.  Your guys did a phenomenal job! I just issued the final payment.

Best regards,


The men who cleared out my gardens did a beautiful job. I tried to catch them before they left to give them a tip, but I missed them. If I include the tip in my check to you, can you see that they get it?

Please e-mail your address.

Thank you. I will be contacting you in the spring re further work.

Betty M

More to come...We just added this page and did not save our numerous compliments from past years.