Mulch & Clean-up Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a spring clean-up?

A: A spring clean up is all or some of the following per your request: Clean-up and haul all leaves, sticks and debris in the yard and beds; trim shrubs and remove excess mulch as needed; weed, edge and mulch all existing beds.

Q: What kind of mulch do you use?

A: We stock Top-Quality Hardwood Color Enhanced Black and Brown Mulch. The Color Enhanced Hardwood Mulch does not fade or turn gray in color like the natural mulch does. 

Q: Can we hire you for mulch installation only?

A: Yes! We can give you an itemized quote on any service you need.

Q: What is edging?

A: The transition area where the mulch meets the lawn, walk, patio, driveway, etc. is dug out with an edging spade. This is done to hold the mulch in place and for a clean professional look.

Q: How much do you charge for mulch?

A: We will need to come out and measure your beds to determine how much mulch is needed. The price per yard is calculated by several variables to include: amount of edging, weeds and debris in beds, type of mulch, accessibility, etc. 

Q: How thick do you spread the mulch?

A: On well maintained beds an inch to an inch and a half . On new beds or beds that haven't been mulched in a few years two inches is good.

Q: Do you remove the excess old mulch?

A: Yes! We excess mulch as needed. This is usually around trees, but sometimes beds need to be addressed as well.

Q: How thick does mulch need to be to stop weeds?


Mulch is decorative, spreading it thick will NOT stop weeds and is not good for your woody plant material. 

Q: How do you get rid of weeds?

A: The only way to keep weeds under control is regular weeding! Every two weeks or monthly is good. We will be happy to give you a free quote for regular weeding service.  

Q: Do you provide other maintenance services?

A: Yes! We are happy to give a free quote for any service you may need. Click our service page link for more information.

Q: How quickly can you start the job?

A: We schedule all work upon receipt of a signed contract and a third of the quote total as a down payment. We can usually start the job in three to five business days

Q: What is a Fall clean-up?

A: A fall clean up is all or some of the following: Clean-up and haul all leaves, sticks, and debris in yard and beds; cut back perennials and/or ornamental grasses; trim shrubs as needed.

Q: Do you just haul piles of leaves?



Q: Is it less expensive to dump the leaves somewhere on my property rather than hauling?

A: Yes! We are charged to dump our trucks, and it cost us time and fuel as well. We can pass these savings on to you.

Q: Is it okay to mulch in the fall?

A: Sure! Mulching in the fall will redefine your bed edges and have all your beds looking fresh through the winter.